Thursday, April 21, 2011

Starcrossed Review and Giveaway

Starcrossed 1
Author: Josephine Angelini
Pages: 496 pgs
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Release Date: May 31st 2011
Review Source: Harper Collins

When I first read the description of this book, I knew that I would want to read it. Greek mythology is quite possibly one of my favorites and this was a modern day version of it. And I was so right about this!

Helen Hamilton lives on the small island of Nantucket and has always tried to blend in with everyone around her. She doesn't like to stand out and just wants to make it through school so she can go to college.

But that all comes to a screeching halt when the Delos family moves to the island. One look at Lucas Delos and Helen completely loses control. But that's not even the worst part, she doesn't know why or even understands what's happening. The only people who can tell her are the Delos', whom she can't stand to be around. There's so much she needs to learn and they have to figure out how to work together.

Josie has completely set the bar as far as debut novels go with this incredible story. Not only does she expertly use the famous Greek legends and myths, but she also really develops her characters so that you feel like you know them too.

Now I've read plenty of books lately, but I've never read one that had my stomach falling and my heart racing in certain areas. I wanted to cry and laugh and scream right along with Helen, feeling like I was seventeen again as I experienced the things she went through. Her relationship and connection with Lucas was strong and I hated it whenever they weren't together. I honestly can't wait to find out what more is in store for them.

There are two more books in this series and I can say with out a doubt that I am so antsy for the next installment. Thank you Josie for introducing us to such wonderful characters and creating a fabulous world with such well known Greek legends. I highly recommend this book and series to anyone!

To keep updated with the Starcrossed series and what's going on with the author you can check out her website or you can follow her on Twitter

And now for the giveaway!

Since it's my birthday this weekend I thought I would celebrate a little early with a somewhat short giveaway. I happen to have an extra copy of Starcrossed thanks to HarperTeen and would like to share it with one lucky.

So, here's what you have to do:

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  • Fill out this FORM
  • Giveaway will end Wednesday, April 27th at 11:59 CST.
  • Open to U.S. Residents only.


  1. I've been dying to read this book !! I actually read the first 100pages on this morning and it was great and now I can't wait for starcrossed to come out haaaaaaaa ! Is your contest open internationnally ;p ?

  2. Yayy! Me first here! Makes me feel lucky!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Been looking for this book for a while - love anything related to Greek Myth!

  3. Sorry, I forgot that I didn't put that on there. It's not open internationally. Sorry.

  4. I have been wanting to read this book, it sounds awesome and your review definitely makes me want to read it even more! Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Birthday :)

  5. This is a really awesome contest. Thanks a lot for doing this. I wanted Starcrossed forever!



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