I am an aspiring author who loves to read. On my journey to become published I'm enjoying reading books in genres that I love and hope to write for. Learning from other authors and becoming inspired in my own writing has help to make this all the more enjoyable.

I completed my B.S. degree in Criminal Justice last May and want to work on an M.F.A. in Creative Writing soon. Movies, television, and dance have been my passions since as long as I can remember and always will be, books have just been added to the list. During the summer you can always find me hooked to So You Think You Can Dance and finding new movies to get lost in.

Starting a blog for book reviews sounded fun to me since I started reading so much during my last year of school. I wanted to write my thoughts and opinions on what I was reading and here I am. I hope to continue doing this for awhile, even when I'm published, so others can discover a love for books, too!


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