Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Starting Over by Savannah Yarbrough

Starting Over

The Shephard Series 1

Author: Savannah Yarbrough
Pages: - pgs
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: December 17th 2013
Review Source: Author

After her husband’s death in Afghanistan,
Brianna Daniels finds herself left alone to care for their chronically ill daughter. With the remnants of her family by her side, Brianna begins slowly to piece her life back together. 

Jeremiah Bartlett is at the peak of his professional career. Scarred and more than a little jaded after a bitter divorce, Jeremiah has resigned himself to never having a marriage like the one his parents shared. When a devastating call from his sister sends Jeremiah racing to her side Jeremiah finds himself face to face with a woman who’s just as damaged and frightened by the thought of opening her heart. 

Can time truly heal all wounds? Will Brianna and Jeremiah risk everything for the possibility of starting over? Or will they allow the fear of past pain tear them apart? 

Starting Over is a story of loss, healing, family, and the courage it takes to find love again.

I got to read a very early copy of this particular story before it was ready for ARCs and publication, so I was beyond excited to be asked to read and review this for her.

One of the main things I can say about Savannah's writing is that she knows how to bring in the emotions and really stomp on your heart. I think it's difficult to get into any story, but especially a romance, if you don't feel for the characters. That isn't a problem here and I love how delicately and sweetly Savannah handled it.

We also got to see the story from both Brianna's perspective and Jeremiah's, which I think can add just a little something extra to the overall feel. They both struggle with loss and the difficult circumstances ahead of them throughout, but find a way to move forward with the hope of something more.

I truly enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading what else Savannah has in store for her other characters in this series. I know that it will be wonderful, if not a little heartbreaking along the way.

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