Friday, May 10, 2013

Blog Tour: The Savage Blue by Zoraida Cordova


I asked Zoraida if she could share some of the mermaid things she's collected over the years... and she graciously agreed. So, on this stop for THE SAVAGE BLUE blog tour we get an up close of the inspiration for her series.


1) Swarovski under the sea collection of sea creatures.

 2) I have lots of sea shells around my books. I believe this starfish came from Puerto Rico. They seem to go well together, yes?

 3) Because every wall needs a framed punk rock mermaid with wings.

 4) Magic Mer-mike. This was a gift from my boss during my launch party last year. Definitely the strangest of my mer-gifts.

 5) My favorite bookends.


6) I have 2 of these. One holding my necklaces (typical mermaids!) and one in the kitchen just hanging out. 


 7) This red mermaid is heavy. The framed picture is of my great grandmother, grandmother, mother, and me when I was in Ecuador. If you look closely, you can see Eric and Ariel walking over the bridge on my cake. 

Note: All of these were gifts. I've stopped buying myself mermaid things because everyone does it for me! Perks of being a mermaid, I suppose. 

Thanks for letting me share!

So much fun! What did you guys think.

And, if you guys are interested there's a little contest going on that Zoraida is hosting:

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