Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TBR Tuesday

I decided to take a page out of my sisters book, so to speak, and make a plan for the books I want to read for this month. She's mentioned it on her blog a couple of times as a way to stay on track. So *crosses fingers* I thought that I'd give it a try as well.

What I want to read in APRIL:



With Teen Book Con coming up near the end of this month I'm try to read as many books as I can that will be there. It's hosted by my favorite local indie shop Blue Willow and my sister and I had so much fun last year we're gearing up for another great time.

This is my hopeful to-read list and more may be added as we go. What do you guys want to read this month?

1 comment:

  1. OMG, I am so annoyed that my reader has NOT been showing me any posts from your blog! I just subscribed via email, so I shouldn't have this problem anymore. I love that you're posting your monthly TBR on your blog! :D

    I also think it's crazy that I've already 5 out of the 6 books on your list! So many boooooks. O_O



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