Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Legend by Marie Lu

Legend 1
Author: Marie Lu
Pages: 336 pgs
Genre: YA, Dystopian
Release Date: November 29th 2011
Review Source: Penguin

In Marie Lu's debut novel, we are introduced to a new and fascinating dystopian world that is sure to pull you in. And thankfully, this is just the first in what promises to be a great new series. (And Day's POV is printed in gold ink! How cool is that?)

There is a war between the Republic and the Colonies and June knows where her loyalties lie, with the republic. She's a fifteen year old prodigy that's prepared to rise up in the military ranks. When her brother, Metias, is found murdered June knows who did it will stop at nothing to bring him to justice.

Day is a fifteen year old boy from the slums who has taken to pulling pranks on the Republic. He prides himself on staying out of the Republic's radar, but when he's taken in for Metias's murder, it'll take more than a few pranks and charming looks to get out of it. June and Day both think they know what their future holds, but with a little digging they'll soon discover there's so much more going on than either of them realized.

I enjoyed this from the moment I started it, Marie's writing was fun and realistic. June and Day were such fun characters and definitely seemed older than fifteen. The world they were born into and grew up in was definitely not like anything we've ever experienced.

The modern day battle between the Republic and the Colonies was very nicely done. Even though we only get a small idea of what's going on in this book, there's plenty that's hinted at and left open to be explained later.

I loved that this wasn't like some of the other dystopian books I've read recently and I definitely want to know more. The world Marie created was filled with great characters, some you want to love and others you want to hate, and a mystery you want to unfold. I will definitely be first in line for the next book in this series!

And if you want to know about the author you can check out her website http://www.marielu.org or follow her on Twitter http://twitter.com/Marie_Lu.

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