Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trust in Advertising by Victoria Michaels

Trust in Advertising

Author: Victoria Michaels
Pages:452 pgs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 27th 2010
Review Source: Publisher

I was first able to read Trust in Advertising when it wasn't a published work, and I love it just as much now as I did then. Victoria Michaels has a way of telling a story and delving into emotions that just pulls you in as a reader.

Victoria takes you on a journey with Lexi White as she tries to find her way in the world after the loss of her father. With the help of her spunky neighbor, and a few rather strange interviews under her belt, Lexi starts working for Hunter Advertising.

And after a sudden promotion, she finds herself working as an assistant for the one person she thought she'd never see again, Vincent Drake. He was the guy every guy wanted to be and every girl wanted, including Lexi, in high school. He's not the same guy he once was, and Lexi soon learns that she's not either. They both have to learn to open up and most importantly... trust.

The banter between Lexi and Vincent is light and flirty, you can really see how comfortable they become with each other as the story progresses. Even though they didn't really know each other before, it's like they've always been friends and she's always been a part of his family. There were times when I wanted to yell at them for being so blind, but that just shows how well Victoria developed her characters.

You get a little bit of everything in this story: humor, romance, heartache, second chances. I hated to see it come to an end and wanted to read more about their story. Maybe someday...

So if you're looking for a fun romance, then I highly recommend Trust in Advertising. Victoria Michaels has won me over and I'll be checking out anything else from her, too. To find out more about her stories and any upcoming works from her you can check out her website http://victoriamichaels.net or you can follow her on Twitter http://twitter.com/vic_michaels.

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