Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mistwood by Leah Cypess

I was enthralled with this story from the very beginning. Not only did Leah Cypess pull me in with her writing, but she also delivered a fantastic story. The mystery of Mistwood will leave you guessing until the very end.

Isabel wakes up in the forest of the Mistwood and is taken back to the castle to protect Prince Rokan. She is the Shifter and that is what she does. She isn't human, she is a creature of mist and wind that can shift forms at the drop of a hat, and it is her duty to protect the king and his family.

Only problem... Isabel has no memories of her past before Prince Rokan found her in the Mistwood.

She goes on instinct alone, but that will only get her so far. Especially since she can't shift anymore. And with everyone keeping secrets from her, Isabel has to work through them to uncover the truth, a truth she not want to know. What happened to her since the last time she served the king? Why can't she remember?

Just like Isabel, the reader is figuring out what happened right along with her. And it's a mystery that is slowly unraveled until the very end. You won't see what's coming. I found myself wanting more when I reached the last page.

Leah did a tremendous job in creating this world and showing the struggle Isabel went through as she learned more about her past and her new charge. Things aren't always as they seem and for a creature that works off of instinct and right and wrong, that's not always easy to see.

I'm definitely crossing my fingers for more. And in a couple of months a companion novel, Nightspell, should be coming out! Thank you Leah. If you'd like to learn more about upcoming books from this author you can check out her website and follow her on Twitter

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