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Blog Tour: Corporate Affair by Linda Cunningham


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Corporate Affair

Small Town Girl 2

Author: Linda Cunningham  
Pages: 212 pgs
Genre: Contemporary, Romance 
Release Date: March 5th 2013
Review Source: Omnific Publishing

After reading Linda Cunningham's debut novel I knew that I wanted to read more from her. So when the opportunity came to read her second, I jumped at the chance... And I wasn't disappointed.

A smart, sexy entrepreneur. A wealthy, arrogant ladies’ man set on purchasing her company. And a hotbed of chemistry neither one of them anticipated.

Aiden Stewart is just going through the motions of running the family business, a mega communications company snapping up all the competition. His trip to a tiny New England town to negotiate the purchase of ChatDotCom is nothing more than an interruption in his plans for his next female conquest. The last thing he expects is for Chat’s CEO M. Jordan Fitzgerald to be a woman who takes his breath away.

Jordan is focused on business, not romance. She’s got too much at stake, working to protect Chat’s employees, as well as making sure her family is taken care of. Falling in love is not part of the business plan, but resisting the man she really should not want is proving impossible.

When a rival wants to take over Chat too, Jordan struggles to keep her personal life from affecting the business deal. With secrets that could ruin everything, she has to decide if she can balance business with pleasure.

Linda Cunningham introduces hot new characters in her second Small Town novel, a steamy office romance set in idyllic Clark’s Corner, Vermont.
 One of my favorite things about Linda's writing is that she's very good at drawing her readers in. You aren't overwhelmed with information as you go, which only makes you want to read more, at least for me it does. Either with the way the plot unfolds or getting to know the characters, there always seems to be a little something there that makes you want to keep going.

Love is a very strong theme in her books, especially in Corporate Affair. Though there were obviously other things taking place, Linda had a beautiful way of weaving in the importance of finding love in your life. Both Aiden and Jordan had moments where they needed those reminders and I loved how it helped them grow as characters.

And, even after reading her debut, Linda still managed to surprise me. There's seems to be a point in her work where I begin to wonder if a certain topic is going to be addressed again. Right when it seems like its not going to... it comes back in a big way. I really enjoy that and find that it helps keep me on my toes as a reader. It happens both in Small Town Girl and in Corporate Affair. Bravo!

I've definitely enjoyed this series so far and can't wait to read what she's got next. AND, if I could describe Linda's books in one word it would be love. A beautiful theme, wonderfully done, and very sweet.


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