Friday, March 25, 2011

The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell

The Vespertine
Author: Saundra Mitchell
Pages: 293 pgs
Genre: YA, Historical-Fiction
Release Date: March 7th 2011
Review Source: Purchased

I will admit that right off the bat I fell in love with this story. Saundra Mitchell's writing was beautifully written, a lyrical prose that flowed wonderfully with the historical time period.

 Amelia van den Broek is sixteen and approaching that time, the time between childhood and adulthood and is setting her sights on finding a husband. Her brother sends her to Baltimore for the summer, and with the help of her friend Zora, Amelia has an experience she'll never forget.

The young man that catches her eye, Nathaniel, isn't considered a proper prospect, but that doesn't stop Amelia from falling for him. Especially when she realizes that she's not exactly normal. She can see visions, visions that end up with terrifying results.

Saundra absolutely took my breath away with this story, weaving the historical setting with the paranormal world and creating a master piece. Even the instant connection between Amelia and Nathaniel was perfect and I wanted to more.

These two characters are also compared to fire and air, two elements, that worked amazingly with their talents. And Saundra has said her next book, The Springsweet, will have the water and earth elements. After reading what she was able to do with this story, I know I will be first in line for the companion piece.

The Vespertine was fascinating and enthralling, I highly recommend it. To keep up to date with Saundra Mitchell's writing and future stories you can check out her website and follow her on Twitter!/SaundraMitchell.

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