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Theatricks 1

Author: Eleanor Gwyn-Jones
Pages: 354 pgs
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: December 2013
Review Source: Publisher

Enna Petersen has never been good at making personal decisions, what she needs is a Life GPS. At twenty-eight, she already has a tangled map of 'Could Have Beens' in her rear view mirror, and now she has hit another great gaping directional dilemma: should she fulfill her theatrical passion and save her beloved theatre from closure; or 'recalculating' say goodbye to the home she loves and accept the proposal of her boyfriend, uprooting to... Pennsylvania?

On autopilot, she files her visa applications, endures a farcical medical at the Embassy and awaits her visa interview, when she meets a beguiling stranger, an actor, Will. Where there's a 'Will', there's a way. He suggests an alternate route to help save her theatre, a radical scheme sure to succeed. How can she refuse and give up on her dream? Determination is in her DNA, she can't just fly off, que sera and c'est la vie. But, if she doesn't, does she risk losing the love of her life?

One of the things I enjoy the most about getting to read a debut author is finding out their writing style. Everyone tells a story in an interesting and unique way, and being able to immerse myself in a new style is so much fun to me. And for this particular story, Eleanor did a fabulous job of drawing me in.

Enna loves the theatre and that comes across clearly in her point of view. Everything for her has a very dramatic flair, even when she's indecisive you can see how her love of theatre comes across in her thoughts. That alone let me really enjoy her character and want to know more about.

We also get introduced to two men in Enna's life. Cole her boyfriend/fiancee and Will an actor. Both men have distinct personalities, especially in how they fit with Enna and what she thinks will make her happy in the end. But what seems perfect, isn't always as it appears, though.

I loved the relationships between the characters and Enna's growth, watching her realize who she was and what she truly wanted out of life. It was her journey, one that I think we can relate to in one form or another. And after that ending, it's good to know that there will be more to Enna's story.


About the Author

Eleanor Gwyn-Jones lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but originally hails from Surrey, England.  Huzzah!  She studied biology at Southampton University before taking to the stage as an actress, agent and administrator of a touring theatre company.  She performed in theatres, studios, schools and festivals across the British Isles before moving to the States.  It was whilst visa-dangling and unable to take on acting work that she started to write and decided she far preferred it to anything else in the world!  In 2008, Eleanor started her own ‘at home’ business to afford her more time to be with her ‘book babies.’  Now she spends her time writing by day and teaching ladies to look fabulous at night.  She is a travel junkie—it’s research, darling, research!—a gourmand, a yogi, a sometime blogger and she adores her family and friends beyond all measure.  She is currently putting the finishing key strokes to the sequel to Theatricks, due for release in 2014.

If she weren’t writing, she’d like to think you’d find her in Downton, The Paradise, or having a goblet of wine with Tyrion in King’s Landing.

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