Friday, June 15, 2012

Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore

Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes Trilogy 1

Author: Shannon Dittemore
Pages: 320 pgs
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Christian Fiction
Release Date: May 29th 2012
Review Source: NetGalley

I first discovered this little gem on Goodreads before there was a cover or anything. The blurb that was written sounded so cool, I knew that I had to read it. And I'm so glad that I did!

Brielle's just moved back to her hometown in Oregon. Her dream was to be a ballerina, but after witnessing a tragedy, just wants to forget.

Upon meeting the new boy in town, Jake, Brielle learns to open her mind to remarkable possibilities. With an incredible gift that makes him a target, Jake's appearance in Oregon and Brielle's life is more than happenstance. Danger looms and hope is on the horizon in a realm that only angels and demons can see... and now Brielle.

Not only is Shannon possibly one of the sweetest ladies I've met, but she also has a wonderful way of telling a story that just draws readers in. Nothing was too overwhelming or skimmed over. We got a beautiful story with flawed but strong characters and a message of hope. It's very easy to put in so much information that you can lose the flow of the story and your characters, but I didn't get that feeling with Angel Eye's and I loved it.

Shannon's world in Angel Eyes is one of fantasy, but uses Christian beliefs. Again it wasn't too overwhelming for the reader and I believed was a wonderful way to draw people in. I loved the take on angels and demons that was given and definitely can't wait for more. We get a small taste of them and I know there will be more in the rest of the trilogy.

It was refreshing to read a story about a girl struggling with feelings of guilt that wasn't dealing with it in a destructive manner. We all deal with tragedy in our own way, and Shannon showed us a girl who just wanted to forget and figure out who she was. Brielle wasn't perfect, but we got to see her grow and discover a strength in herself that she didn't know she had.

This debut was one of my favorites this year and I definitely can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy from Shannon! Her writing is beautiful and real and left me wanting more. Now I'll be sitting back and patiently, or not so patiently, waiting for book 2 (Broken Wings) to come out.

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