Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog Tour: Streamline by Jennifer Lane


Author: Jennifer Lane
Pages: 460 pgs
Genre: YA, Mystery, Romance
Release Date: march 27th 2012
Review Source: Omnific

Jennifer Lane's first two books were a part of the CONduct series and a complete 180 from this. Her YA debut was fun, thrilling, and chock full of interesting characters.

Leo Scott and his girlfriend Audrey Rose seem to have it all as their high schools top swimmers. But both have shameful secrets. Leo, dealing with the abuse of his father, and Audrey, dealing with her father's imprisonment for murder.

Their journey's won't be easy as both deal with the struggles their lives give them and with the help of family and friends, Leo and Audrey might just make it. Shameful secrets and heartache are just the start, will they be able to discover the one thing they both want the most... the truth?

One of the things that Jen does best is delve into raw human emotions. Everyone has things they have to deal with in life, and her characters in this story are no different. I found myself tearing up quite a few times for poor Leo and was rooting for him to make it through. I loved watching his growth along with Audrey's and the other wonderful character's you meet along the way.

Jen also introduces to a couple of really interesting lives. The life of a dedicated swimmer and a military life. Both our vastly different but no less dedicated and I loved getting a glimpse into their worlds. I know that I personally couldn't do either, but greatly support anyone who can.

While Streamline is a murder-mystery set in the competitive worlds of swimming and the military, the heart of it is also a romance. Leo and Audrey were absolutely adorable together and I can honestly say I truly enjoyed their tender moments together.

Our wait for the final installment of the CONduct series was made a little less painful in this wonderful YA novel about romance and mystery. Jen truly has a way of pulling readers in and I can't wait for more from her!

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  1. Megan, thank you for your early involvement with this novel and for this awesome review! There are some similar threads to all my novels but I'm glad you also saw some differences because I don't want to be repetitive. Gah, I have to get back to writing On Best Behavior!

  2. Great review. You hit on everything that struck me about this novel.



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