Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fanfare Review Blog Tour

Author: Renee Ahdieh
Pages: 240 pgs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 31st 2011
Review Source: Revolution Publishing

Fanfare was a nice breath of fresh air. As Renee's debut novel I was quite impressed by her writing style and fun flare with her characters.

Cris Pereira found herself in a difficult place when her fiance left her for another woman. She did what she could to move on; she went to work, spent time with her friends, lived her life. But deep down she feared being hurt again.

And then one morning she met Tom Abramson, Hollywood's new "it" boy, and things took an unexpected turn. Moving on isn't always easy, but the attention of British rising star usually helps. While Cris prefers to plan things out and stay in control, Tom's more of a take things as they come type of guy. Will these two be able to make things work or are there just too many differences.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about this story was the build up of the relationship between Cris and Tom. They had witty banter and fun together and Renee gave us the slow build up of not only their feelings for each other, but their relationship as they got to explore that together. I found myself really liking both characters and rooting for them, which doesn't always happen for me.

I loved that there wasn't a love triangle for the characters. Not to say that doesn't work, but at times it feels over done. For Cris and Tom it was more about them falling for each other and learning to look past the hardships and pain that life puts in their way. It was strictly a sweet romance which I really enjoyed.

This was a fun, sweet read and a story that I was surprised to have really enjoyed. Renee Ahdieh managed to squeeze my heart with this story and I hope she'll have more up her sleeves. I almost hated to see this come to an end and wanted more for these two characters.

I definitely recommend this story. You can check out more about the author on her blog or follow her on Twitter

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  1. I am also taking part of this tour. But I have not read it yet. I am glad you enjoy the book. I hope same thing will happen to me as well



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