Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Phantom Universe by Laura Kreitzer

Phantom Universe was definitely not like anything I had been expecting... it was so much better! It's a series completely different from her Timeless series, but just as engaging and sweet. Laura Kreitzer took a topic not so easily talked about anymore and created a story and character that will have people engrossed all the way through. Once I got started I couldn't stop reading this incredibly thought out story.

Summer Waverly is a girl who has been raised as a slave on a modern day pirate ship since she was four years old. Beaten and tortured into silence, Summer has found a way to communicate with those around her without speaking and has learned to survive in a not so nice world.

Things change, though, when a group of people come looking for Summer, tearing down the ship she's been on nearly her entire life in search of her. And how she finds herself 200 years in the future, she has no idea. But Summer finds herself in a situation where she learns to trust those around her, even Canadian Leaguer Gage Appleton.

Certain chapters were more difficult to get through than others when explaining the experiences that Summer went through as a slave, but I think that proves just how good of a story teller Laura is. She didn't shy away from the scary topics and really put us in Summer's shoes. Whether it was experiecing the harsh realities of her world, or fighting through her fears of retribution if she made a sound, Summer was a strong consistent character that I loved reading about.

The romance between she and Gage was sweet and loving, so adorable. I found myself wanting to read more about them whenever they got to be together. Forget about the mysteries piling up, I want more of the lovey dovey, gooeyness that our military man provided.

My only complaint was that the story had to end. I wanted to read more and learn about the cast of characters that Summer had come to consider friends and family. The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, but we have the next book in the series, Forsaken Harbor, to look forward to in July.

So, if you're looking for a little bit of everything: mystery, science-fiction, dystopia, romance; I highly recommend Phantom Universe.

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