Friday, December 31, 2010

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

First, thank you to HarperTeen for sending me the ARC of this book. I love being able to write these reviews.

There are so many wonderful things to say about Unearthly. At first, I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to feel about it, but the more I read the more I fell in love with this story. I've also had a somewhat difficult time getting my thoughts just right for this, because I want to be able to give this book the justice it deserves.

Clara Gardner has learned that she is an angel blood, a descendant of angel and human parents. For the most part she is your typical teenage girl; only she has wings, the ability to heal fast, and has an otherworldly glow when she's really in tune with the world around her. So, when Clara begins to receive visions of her purpose, the reason she was put on Earth, she is excited to get to work.

The vision doesn't give her all of the details, only bits and pieces, but one thing she does know is there's a boy and he needs her help. Turning her and her families lives upside down, Clara moves to Wyoming and discovers that her quest to fulfill her purpose won't be as easy as she thought.

I thought that I had this story all figured out, but I wasn't pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't go the way that I thought it would. Clara was very much like a regular sixteen year old girl who just happened to have special abilities and I think that made her a little more relatable as a character. She struggled with fitting in among her classmates and figuring out how to get closer to the boy in her visions, Christian Prescott, and you could tell the effect it had on her. Insert Tucker Avery, the twin brother of her friend Wendy, and things definitely don't go the way that Clara had planned.

Her mother, Meg, and friend Angela are two characters that I found myself wondering just what was going on with them. We get introduced to them, sure, but you soon learn there is more going on with them than you're originally led to believe.

The moments between Clara and Christian, when they are together, are natural and sweet. It's clear they have a connection, but just what is that connection. The surprise character though I believe was Tucker. The relationship he developed with Clara was absolutely adorable and he developed more of her human side. I loved the change in Clara's narration when she was with Tucker, it was lighter and happier, as opposed to how she was when trying to figure out Christian.

I feel like I'm giving too much away, maybe I didn't give anything away at all, but one thing that I can say is that I absolutely loved this first book in the Unearthly series and already can't wait for book two. Cynthia Hand's plot was brilliant and the subtle changes in her characters' voice were masterful. If you're looking for something cute and romantic with a hint of mystery, then I highly recommend this book. To find out more information about the author and this series you can check out her website here or follow her on twitter here

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