Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Give the Gift of Cinder!

For our first big book event my sister and I went Teen Book Con, which is a local event hosted by our favorite bookshop (Blue Willow). That was how we first got to meet Marissa Meyer and get our hands on a copy of Cinder.

The copy was actually supposed to be for me, but at one point my sister decided that she wanted to check it out. And like many close sisters we share our books and such, so I of course let her borrow it. Her enthusiasm over Cinder only made me even more excited to read it, and thus our obsession with the Lunar Chronicles began!

Here is the link to my review of Cinder.

Are you dying to read Cress?
Do you love The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer?
Do you know someone who hasn’t read The Lunar Chronicles yet?

If you’ve said YES to all these questions, here’s what you do:

1.       Loan a friend a copy of Cinder.
2.       Write a blog post explaining why you gave that friend a copy of Cinder.
3.       Have your friend review Cinder on his/her blog OR on your blog.
4.       Share the review online using the #GiftOfCinder hashtag!
5.       Leave us the links for your blog post, review of Cinder, and social share on this post below!

We’ll pick twenty winners to receive an advanced copy of the upcoming Cress, the third installment in The Lunar Chronicles.

And mark your calendars… #CyborgMonday is coming on December 2, 2013.

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