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A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink

A Temptation of Angels

A Temptation of Angels 1

Author: Michelle Zink 
Pages: 435 pgs
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Historical Fiction
Release Date: March 20th 2012
Review Source: Purchased

This was the first Michelle Zink book I discovered that I really wanted to read (along the way I discovered her other series as well). It sounded so interesting and right up my alley and, let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

After sixteen year old Helen Cartwright loses her parents, she's forced to intrust her safety to two brother's she's never met before. Soon she's discovering the existence of the Dictata and her place in world she didn't anything about.

Though she's been trained for path, nothing could have prepared her for finding the one person she never expected to see again. Will Helen be able to set things right and follow her heart?

I absolutely love Michelle's writing. There's just something so fluid about it that just makes me want to keep reading it. And before I'd even gotten a chance to read any of her work I (and my sister) got to meet her at a Teen Book Con back in March. Just hearing talk about her books, the legends she used, and the research she did only made me want to dig in more.

One of the things that I really enjoyed in this story was Helen's feistiness. There wasn't a clear time-frame for when it was set, but clearly it was during a time of corsets and propriety and you all know how much I love me some historical fiction. So, to have a female character in such a time period ready and willing to fight back was refreshing. She was a lady and was treated as one, but she also didn't allow the two brother's (or anyone really) to keep her out of anything. She was touch when she needed to be, yet gentle.

The intricate weaving of the story details was also another plus for me. So much takes place, but it isn't an overwhelming since of information. It is presented to the readers a little at a time, only adding to the already intriguing bases. YET, there is still so much that can be left to tell. I for one am crossing my fingers that there will be more.

I definitely love this book and can't wait to read more from Michelle, she has ensured that I will keep reading her stuff and I hope you guys will too!

Michelle Zink
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