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Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Chaos
Caster Chronicles 3
Author: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Pages: 518 pgs
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
Release Date: October 18th 2011
Review Source: Purchased

I am such a huge fan of this series and was so excited to read this book, especially after getting to see these lovely ladies on their book tour before YALL Fest.

Things in Gatlin have gotten even stranger since Ethan and Lena have returned, and neither of them knows what it means. Nothing is the same with a record heat wave and locusts, but even worse... the Casters can't seem to control their powers.

Ethan welcomes the craziness as his own life seems to spiral out of control. The strange dreams have returned, only Lena's not the one in them and Ethan's having trouble remembering things. As they try to figure just what's going on, the tension in Gatlin and the Caster world thickens. But the answer they're looking for may not the one they want.

This third book was rightly named because chaos was all over the place. Nothing was ever normal in Gatlin, and I loved how Ethan slowly began to discover that. In this book though, everything that was slightly strange took on a completely new level of crazy and chaotic. You never knew just exactly what was going on.

I love the Caster world and the relationship between Ethan and Lena, especially in Beautiful Chaos. The way that these ladies write it, they go hand-in-hand and it's so beautiful. I probably sound like a silly swoony girl, but that's one of things I love about these characters. Not only do they have the fantasy/paranormal aspect, but they also have a strong connection and bond that just seems natural.

After everything that's happened in the last three books, I can't wait to find out where it's all leading. Each book has revealed some new part of the Caster world, Ethan, Lena, and the other characters in Gatlin. We've gotten pieces of the puzzle and I'm anxious to fit it all together. That's the mark of a great story and great writers, at least in my opinion.

So I'm going to my best to patiently wait for Book 4, the conclusion of the Caster Chronicles. But fear not my friends, for Kami and Margie have solo projects they are both working on and hopefully they will collaborate together again as well.

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