Thursday, December 2, 2010

Books I Can't Wait to Read

Okay, so lately there have been more and more books coming out that are just fabulous. It's so nice to be able to go to a store and not be able to choose which book I want to get because they all sound so intriguing. When I was growing up things definitely weren't that way.

And, since the holidays are coming up, I figured it would be kind of fun to talk about the books we can't wait to read. Whether they haven't been released yet, or your just waiting for your copy to come in, I want to know what you're excited to read.

For me, I'm going crazy for the next book in the Nightshade series:

I fell in love with the first book. The characters, storyline, even the premise were all superbly done. And when I reached the end of Nightshade, I just sat there going "This can't be the end! Not yet!" So yeah, I really can't wait for this next book.

Another one I'm really excited to start is Soul Stalker:

I just recently finished the first book, Shadow of the Sun, and was amazed at how wonderful it was. Not only are the covers jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but the writing and tale are beyond words. I'm just itching to get my copy of Soul Stalker in the mail.

A book that was just released Tuesday that I'm waiting for is Matched:

The cover alone is breathtaking and the description drew me in even further. I've heard nothing but good things about this book and am most definitely excited to get my hands on it.

What books are you dying to read? Let me know.

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