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Frontline 1

Author: Alexandra Richland 
Pages: 320 pgs
Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: August 6th 2013
Review Source: Author

When nurse Sara Peters treats celebrity billionaire Trenton Merrick for a mysterious injury to his forehead, she is blindsided by what follows: a passionate exchange in the examination room, followed by an invitation to Trenton's mansion the next night.

Trenton spins a web of deceit and seduction around Sara that both repels and attracts her. One part humanitarian, the other international financial mogul, his professional and public life are a curious contradiction. As Sara journeys deeper into her feelings for Trenton and begins unraveling the mystery behind his injury, she finds herself embroiled in a game of trust and betrayal, where the odds are stacked in Trenton's favor, and the outcome for the loser is too terrifying to conceive.

I jumped at the opportunity to read and review this for Alex and I'm so glad that I did. Frontline is a fun, intriguing, and exciting read that you won't want to put down.

One of the things that I can say without a doubt is that Alex created characters that you care about, characters that you want to continue read about and shake your fists at. There were moments when they were frustrating and did things that drove me crazy, but that was a good thing. I was invested in the characters and their story.

Sara and Trenton have a romance that is very clear and strong from the get go. Their connection was palpable with each page, but wasn't explored as much as I would have liked in this first book. I'm crossing my fingers that book 2 will hopefully delve into the relationships a bit more.

We also get a pretty great mystery in this book that you'd never see coming. Trenton is a man that is gorgeous, rich, and knows how to use it to his advantage. But he's also a man that doesn't reveal too much about himself, leaving Sara questioning... everything. It all unfolds at a pretty decent pace, not being dragged out too long or dumped on the reader all at once.

There's definitely a lot more that can be explored in this world and with the characters that I can't wait to see. Great characters, romance, and intriguing mysteries, what more could a girl want?

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