Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sizzling Summer Giveaway

As a college senior and server at Hanaford Park's hottest nightclub, twenty-one year old Ryann Pierce's plan was simple: work hard, make lots of money, and avoid the ass-grabbers at all costs. What she never planned for was Quinn Donegan—the living, breathing advertisement for sinful behavior that waltzed into her life.

With an angelic face, a hard body and a butt-load of charm, Quinn had a way with the ladies—a lot of ladies. Cursed with a deadly, addictive touch, his trail of indiscretion blazed across five hundred years. Tired and jaded, Ryann is a shocking revelation Quinn didn't see coming.

Filled with desire, yet unable to touch one another, Ryann and Quinn embark on a daunting journey, battling frustrating physical limitations while exploring their new love. In a race against the clock, Ryann learns she must plead for Quinn's life before…the Eve of Samhain. Determined to end her lover's suffering, not even the danger dogging her every move can keep her from her mission.

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Quinn's been around for a long-ass time. So, as I'm sure you can imagine, his music collection is…extensive. He's got an unhealthy (according to Ryann) obsession with 80's metal bands, and a deep respect for The Pogues. Basically, he'll listen to just about anything, with the exception of polka music, which, according to him, is "useless shite not fit for anyone's ears".

Below is a list of the ten most frequently played songs on his iPhone as of June 1st, 2013. Keep in mind, Ryann is with him ninety percent of the time, so her music preferences play into a lot of what you see below. Quinn likes to keep his woman happy. Swoon!

    Lisa's lifelong love of writing, coupled with her ability to weave together and intricate and compelling story has led to the release of her New Adult paranormal romance trilogy,the Hanaford Park series (Eve Of Samhain, Pleasures Untold, Faythe Reclaimed).

    In her role as a busy stay-at-home and self proclaimed "cheer mom," on any given day Lisa wears a number of different hats. From taxi driver to chef,nurse to seamstress, laundry woman to enforcer, and, of course, writer, Lisa manages to keep everything together while caring for her husband and three children. The few spare moments left in her day are usually spent reading or writing, and if she's really lucky, possibly even catching up on some much needed sleep. Lisa and her family currently reside in Tracy, California.

    Lisa is represented by the fabulous Brittany Booker of the Booker/Albert agency, and has two projects on submission and a third in the works.




    1 - Kindle Fire HD with NA/Adult e-book prize pack (shown)

    1 - Kindle Fire HD with YA e-book prize pack (shown)


    1. This giveaway is awesome! And such great books! I don't know how I'd choose which one to read first.

    2. Wow, that was a fabulous giveaway - wish I'd seen it sooner. :-)

      And I'm very intrigued by the description of Lisa's book.



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