Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shades of Atlantis Blog Tour

 Shades of Atlantis
Shades of Atlantis 1
Author: Carol Oates
Pages: 308 pgs
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Release Date: 2010
Review Source: Omnific Publishing

As most of you have been able to guess, I really love books that deal with mythology. It's so much fun to learn about the stories and legends that other cultures wrote about so many years ago. So, when I read the description of this book, I jumped at the chance to be able to read it.

Triona and her brother Ben have been raised by their Aunt and Uncle since the deaths of their parents and lived pretty normal lives. That is, at least, until Caleb Wallace enters the picture, and the somewhat mundane quality that Triona's life has taken on comes to a screeching halt. Their attraction to each other is instantaneous and life changing.

But there's so much more to Caleb than Triona could have ever imagined. And when she learns that she's apart of this new world, Triona has to come to grips with who she's always thought she was and who her destiny is to be.

Now, normally, I'm all for jumping right into the action. I love for stories to get straight to the fantasy elements, but not this time. I like that Carol took the time to build up the characters and really show the relationship between Triona Caleb before delving into the other part of the story. We got the chance to better understand her and Caleb without her trying to wrap her mind around something impossible.

And I also loved the legends mentioned in this story. Carol used Irish mythology, the tale of King Arthur, even the missing city of Atlantis to weave her amazing tale and it made it all the more fun for me to read. We only got a little taste of it in this book and I'm looking forward to seeing what else she has in store for us in the other books. I fell in love with the characters and the story and I hope you guys do to.

To keep updated on this series and other books Carol's writing you can check out her website http://www.CarolOates.com and you can also follow her on Twitter http://twitter.com/CarolOates.

Oh! There is also a big giveaway of Shades of Atlantis swag and books in honor of the tour. Here is what's up for grabs in the giveaway:

Giveaway 1) Signed copy of Shades of Atlantis, a lined spiral notebook with SoA cover, bookmark, keyring, SoA 2011 calendar, and SoA mug.

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To enter for this giveaway, you have to leave a comment on each stop on the tour! The giveaway is international and the winner will be announced on April 19th on Julie's blog: A Tale of Many Reviews

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  1. Another great review! I just can't wait to read this book!! Going to miss this tour but it has got me so excited about this book!!

  2. Thanks for the review, and thanks for participating in the tour. I can't wait to read it.

    the imagine tree at aol dot com

  3. Great review, I cannot wait tot read this book


  4. Thanks for your review! It's amazing to me how on the tour so many reviews have been mixed. I can't wait to read it, I think it sounds right up my alley.


  5. Thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to reading it!
    mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

  6. I'm really glad that she did some world building before diving in. Loved the review.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  7. Thanks! I'm sad the tour is coming to an end, too. But I'm definitely looking forward to more from Carol!


  8. Great to hear your thoughts about the slower build up at the beginning of the book as I know some other reviews have mentioned it.


  9. Great review! I can't wait for the next book either :)

  10. It's the legends you mentioned that I was keen to hear of. Thank you for your review.


  11. Great review. Looking forward to getting to read it.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  12. Ooh looks amazing!!! <3 :)

  13. This book blog tour has been great fun. Thanks so much. I was introduced to a number of great blogs that I would not have discovered without the tour. I look forward to reading this book!

  14. I am looking forward to reading more works from Carol as well. Thanks for your review. I enjoyed reading your take on the book.

  15. Thank you for participating and wrapping up the reviews! :)

  16. Thanks for the giveaway!


    thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

  17. Another great review, I have had a lot of fun reading all of them. Can't wait to read the book!




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