Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mailbox Surprises and New Reads

So on Friday and Monday I was very pleased and surprised to find advanced copies of a couple of books in my mailbox. I hadn't been expecting them, but was so glad to get them anyways.

The first one was the second book in Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush series "Crescendo"!

And then the second one was the sequel for The Body Finders by Kimberly Derting "Desires of the Dead"!

Both of these books look absolutely fabulous and I cannot wait to read them and post my reviews. I fell in love with how sweet and thrilling The Body Finder and am sure that the sequel will be just as wonderful. So, keep your eyes open for those reviews.

Also, while I was in the bookstore today I found a few that I had on my to-read list and decided to flip through them to see if I still really wanted to. After a few minutes I confirmed that each one of them was definitely a must read for me. Not only that, but I found myself wanting to leave with all three of them. It was difficult, but I held myself back from getting all of them for the time being.

The first one that I can't wait to start was Firelight by Sophie Jordan. And in just the first few pages I was completely hooked.

The next book was Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. The author may only be eighteen, but she writes well beyond her years.

And the book that I left with was Nevermore by Kelly Creagh. It's a little strange, a little dark, a little Edgar Allen Poe. Yeah, I'm definitely reading it!

Oh, and next week (the 28th) Torment by Lauren Kate is being released. It's the sequel to her book Fallen, there are two more books to follow in this amazing series.

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